Autonomous Vehicles? Traffic Signs can be Hacked!

According to Autoblog, university researchers “have figured out how to hack self-driving cars by putting stickers on street signs.”

Photo of a stop sign, showing digital markings designed to mislead an autonomous vehicle.
A “hacked” stop sign. Read all about this potentially dangerous development at

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Reports of Carbon Monoxide Leaking into Ford Explorers, a Vehicle Used by Many Police Departments

…More than 2,700 complaints have been filed with the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding carbon monoxide leaking into Ford Explorers…

Among the complaints filed with [NHTSA], 41 injuries were caused by fumes, with three crashes taking place.

In a statement made Friday, Ford said that exhaust is entering the vehicles through holes in the underbody that were not properly sealed.

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Too Many Babies Die in the USA Because of Being Left in Hot Cars!

Far too many little children are forgotten or even deliberately left in cars in the USA in hot weather, and they quickly suffer and die from heatstroke.
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