They’re No Good at Parallel Parking in Massachusetts! (humor)

A little bit of humor for the weekend but there are, of course, downsides to this.

Photograph of a pick up truck parked almost at right angles to the curb/kerb, completely blocking half the road.
There was actually plenty of space to have parked this pick-up truck properly and unloaded it, but this “abandon ship” method apparently suited the driver’s convenience better — or maybe just the Massachusetts maritime mentality! (Copyright image, 2017.)

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Sometimes Road Signs Speak the Truth – 1 (humor)

Sometimes, permanent traffic signs almost seem to be designed to be ignored (and therefore lose much of their safety value at relevant times).  One classic example of this, in the lower 48 states of the USA, might be the very common signs stating ‘Road Subject to Ice,’ but in a late July heatwave it’s a pretty safe bet they don’t mean ‘right now!’

Photograph of a school bus driving through floodwater.
The permanently positioned sign on the right reads ‘Water Over Roadway’ and it would seem to be telling the truth at this particular moment in time!  Clearly this is a relatively common event at this location.  (Copyright image, 2017.)

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