Uber Prototype Self-Driving Car Kills Pedestrian — Wild Claims about Who or What is at Fault!

A pedestrian being hit and killed by an autonomous vehicle in Tempe, Arizona, on Sunday, March 18, 2018, was certainly destined to create a big response from the media and many have published their views regarding the sad incident.

The problem is, though, that many people have speculated inappropriately on the matter, including — it has to be said — the police chief in Tempe.  So let’s make one important point straight away:  The only relevant decision regarding blame for this or any other tragic incident clearly lies solely with the courts.  Publishing unsubstantiated or wildly inaccurate opinions before any trial can only serve to affect the opinions of subsequent jurors and even officials — a highly undesirable situation.  (In other countries this is the law — often referred to as Sub Judice — but sadly for the most accurate justice that is not the case in the USA.)

Before considering some of the comments, let’s take a look at the in-car video, apparently published by Tempe Police and then ABC7, since the incident:

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Two Children Survive Fatal Rollover Crash Because of their Child Seats

A woman in Maine was killed when she drove off the road and her vehicle rolled over.  Two children survived the horrendous crash despite the car not being found for more than 18 hours, and their survival is being put down to them being correctly fastened in their child seats — something that is often not done properly by too many parents.

Photo of pre-installed child seats in a Tesla car.
Some well-equipped new cars come with special child seats already fitted, such as this Tesla Model S, but most do not. Getting expert help with fitting child seats is commonly both free and easy in all states. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Correctly fitting child seats is critical.  Many parents don’t do it properly but are dangerously confident that they’ve got it right.

Video report: Mom dies, car seats save Maine toddlers in rollover crash


Tennessee Talks About the Horrors of ‘The Knock at the Door’

We are posting this saddening topic here on the ADoNA website in the hope that it helps in the THSO’s aim of persuading people not to become the cause of a tragedy which requires this terrible outcome.

Photo of a Scene from the 'Knock at the Door' video
Scene from the ‘Knock at the Door’ video

The Tennessee Highway Safety Office (THSO) recently distributed a public service announcement called “The Knock at the Door,” to show what easily qualifies as the worst job in the world, namely the personal delivery by police and other law enforcement officers of fatality messages to unsuspecting loved ones.  A very large proportion of such messages relate to road and highway crashes.
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Passengers Putting Their Feet on the Dash then Being Injured or Killed by the Airbags

This is something that many people have neither heard of nor even thought about.  When the front airbags are triggered, which can  happen because of a mere bump to the vehicle at speeds as low as 12mph, those airbags emerge and inflate at between 165 and 200mph.  They are most certainly not nice fluffy cushions, and if you have one or both of your feet up on the dashboard at the time, the results will be serious and can even kill you.

Photo of a young woman riding as a passenger with her feet up on the vehicle's dash but even a 12mph bump can trigger the airbags and if they go off, you WILL be badly hurt.
Many people ride as passengers with their feet up on the vehicle’s dash.  Do you?  Sadly, it’s a very common sight on America’s highways, but even just a 12mph bump to the front of your vehicle can trigger the airbags and if they go off,  you WILL be badly hurt or killed.  Copyright image.

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