Even on dull days, the shadows cast by a highway over-bridge is an excellent marker with which to check that your following distance is adequate.

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Recognition for the Head of Advanced Drivers of America

Eddie Wren, president and chief instructor at Advanced Drivers of America [ADA] says he is "deeply gratified" to accept an invitation to chair a specialized committee within the International Road Federation [IRF] Road Safety Working Group, Washington, D.C.

BUFFALO, N.Y., February 1, 2011 / A staunch advocate of mutual respect and better, two-way understanding between highway safety researchers and front-line practitioners, Eddie Wren has been selected to head-up the Driver Behavior, Education and Training Committee.


Commenting on his surprise invitation to stand, the former UK traffic patrol police officer said: "There are research papers being written on the very subject of researchers failing to successfully communicate their findings and recommendations to front-line road safety workers, and ultimately to the public [1]. As a result, some opportunities to improve safety and save lives are being diminished. Many knowledgeable people have been saying for some years that  a multi-disciplinary approach is crucial and I agree with that wholeheartedly.


"This is an excellent opportunity for myself, with a long background in practical traffic safety issues and driver safety training, to work closely with some of the highly-qualified academics in the IRF Road Safety Working Group.  Hopefully, this might help lead both sides into pastures-new."


Asked what were his particular concerns in relation to driver beliefs and actions, Wren said: "Above all, I dislike the well-intended but inaccurate and sometimes dangerous 'advice' and training that is often given to drivers.  Things like 'holding the wheel at 8&4,' using car lengths to try to estimate safe following distances, setting the exterior mirrors 'wide,' talking about the 'three-second-rule' as though it is only ever three seconds, and many other examples.  These are all badly mistaken and can cause significant danger.  It is entirely symptomatic of advice which emanates from self-appointed 'experts' people who just because they have been driving for perhaps 20 or 30 years now believe they know everything about what is actually a very complex discipline when it is done properly.  Such people do far more harm than good and their so-called advice has even spilled over into state drivers manuals [2].  Working closely with like-minded people from the research side of the equation, I hope that not only may we jointly be able to illustrate the utter fallacy in a lot of this bad information but also, of course, to promote a lot of proven and highly-useful information, too."

Eddie Wren

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Eddie Wren's full traffic safety and driver training résumé (CV) may be found here.






[1]  Harder B.T., 2007, Development of an implementation  infrastructure to support a traffic safety culture. "Improving Traffic Safety Culture in the United States - The Journey Forward;" AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Washington DC.


[2]  Wren E, 2007, State Drivers' Manuals Can Kill Your Kids! [Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress, Detroit]




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