Even on dull days, the shadows cast by a highway over-bridge is an excellent marker with which to check that your following distance is adequate.

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Short Bio

Eddie Wren

ADA's President and Chief Instructor


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Eddie Wren has an in-depth and extensive background in traffic safety and driver training.  His relevant career started back in the early 1970s when he joined the police in his native England, where it very swiftly became obvious to him that the biggest opportunity to help protect other people would lie in the traffic patrol department (now more commonly known as the roads policing department).  In 1977, his bid to join that specialist department was successful.


His intermediate ("Standard") and Advanced Driver Training for both cars and motorcycles took a total of ten weeks 400 hours full-time training which is the normal duration for obtaining both of these qualifications.  In his Advanced Motorcycle qualification, he scored the second-highest marks ever.


During his police "traffic" years, Wren specialized in two particular things:


>> Motorcycle patrol in England's "Lake District National Park" which, despite its modest size (864 square miles) attracts over 13 million visitors per year, almost all of whom come by car or by motorbike.  The mass of vehicles on this beautiful region's narrow, curvy and mountainous roads mean that whenever a bad incident occurs, such as a road accident, the roads quickly snarl-up with bad traffic jams and the only emergency vehicles that can get through quickly are the police motorcycles.


>> Working for three years on the Cumbria Constabulary Motorcycle Squad, the eight officers of which worked full-time on high-school, college and youth-group visits, working with young people rather than simply talking at young people with the aim of reducing young-driver and young-motorcyclist deaths throughout the 3,000 square-mile county of Cumbria (in which the Lake District National Park is situated).

The southern end of one of Eddie Wren's former motorcycle beats, at Ullswater, where tourist traffic could make the roads astonishingly busy. Photo courtesy and copyright of John Sandell, 2002 .

Naturally, he was also heavily involved with regular roads policing, in particular with the M6 Motorway (equivalent to a US Interstate) and the A66 trans-Pennine trunk road, where winter blizzards and snow drifts could both be atrocious.


Throughout this period, Wren attended and investigated many hundreds of road traffic accidents (nowadays more properly known as "collisions", not "accidents"), ranging in severity from "damage only" to "multiple-fatality".


During these years, he was a keen mountaineer, completed his "Mountain Leadership Certificate" training and was a member of two Lakeland mountain rescue teams. He was also a RLSS Life Saving Instructor.


By this stage, Wren was also a well-qualified photographer so when he eventually left the police he set up in business as a professional photographer and also a driving instructor.  Within weeks, the British School of Motoring [BSM] asked him to be their supervisory instructor for Cumbria and North Lancashire, which he did.  At that time, BSM had about 4400 training cars, nationwide.


Because of his police and crash investigations background and his photographic skills, Wren was also swiftly head-hunted by lawyers and insurance companies who needed crash and crime-scene investigations to be done, so there was no escape from the old job, either!


He was subsequently invited to be the managing director of a British advanced driver training company.


Wren's move to the USA was a progressive event, lasting from the year 2000 through 2003, and in 2003 he married an American lady.


In 2003, Wren also founded the 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization "Drive and Stay Alive" [DSA] which works to spread news and information about latest global research and global best practices in safety for young drivers, not only throughout the USA but also worldwide.


In 2005, he was invited to become the Vice President (Policy) and Chief Instructor of Advanced Drivers of America [ADA], and in 2006 became the President.


He now speaks at major, international traffic safety conferences, and is a consultant on fleet safety and driver training in general.

Eddie Wren

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In January 2011, Wren was invited to stand for election as Chair of the "Driver Behavior, Education and Training Committee" of the International Road Federation [IRF] Road Safety Working Group, Washington, D.C., and was both honored and privileged to take that position.


His full and very extensive traffic safety résumé/CV (pdf) may be viewed here. He may be contacted via e.wren@advanceddrivers.com 


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