Even on dull days, the shadows cast by a highway over-bridge is an excellent marker with which to check that your following distance is adequate.

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In the interests of brevity, relatively few examples are pasted here.  The most recent are at the foot of the page.  Typically over 95 percent of our assessment responses reflect significant satisfaction on the part of our trainees.  (Only a small selection of client corporations are shown, and typically only a modest proportion of each corporation's drivers.) 


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"Excellent content throughout the two days. I was very impressed with everything associated with this training, from the level of detail in the reading material to [the instructor, who] did an excellent job in delivering the material in an interesting and thoughtful manner."

R.S., manager, Dow AgroSciences - 2005


"'The System' is outstanding and it is very exciting to be receiving it in the US.  The presentation prompted lots of excellent discussion and should not be shortened as it is important to get over the whole importance of attitude to enable real learning.  [The instructor] was great.  Very credible with outstanding police experience to add weight to the training.  He is passionate about safety and it shows.  His delivery, although open to questions, does not allow 'the system' to be bent as he continually reinforces why and how it has been proven to be the safest way to drive bar none.  It was a great 2 days and just an amazing perk to work for a company that not only pays for the training but also allows managers to devote 2 whole days to 'just' driving." 

Z.H., manager, Dow AgroSciences - 2005


"I thought all of the content of the course was well planned out, clear and concise.  Both [instructors] were great with the group.  They worked well with each other and off of each other.  Both had great examples, stories, personal experiences that helped make the class room discussion real.  Eddie's demeanor in the car was excellent.  He was very positive with encouragement, coached well during the training and non judgmental during the final assessment (I did not know what was good or bad, he just told me where to go and then took notes).  Both of them did a nice job of tying it all together in the end and reviewing the assessments of each driver....  Eddie's personal experiences as a policeman really brought home the seriousness of the act of driving and the consequences when you are not concentrating.  I would also like to commend them on the follow up – I have had the chance to send some e-mail correspondence to [ADA] and they have done a great job of keeping in touch. Their long term involvement will ensure success and reinforce key messages.

D.M., manager, Dow AgroSciences - 2005

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The Roadcraft System is a perfect compliment to our own basic defensive driving program.  The instructors are excellent. The knowledge, experience and credibility that they bring to the program is critical to its success.


The program including the Roadcraft System, intensive Commentary Drive, pre and post test and on-road certification  assessment is very rigorous and with all the built-in assessment and measurement, we know exactly how our fleet drivers are progressing.  Coupling the program with a strong leadership example, clear balance of consequences, positive reinforcement and modified work processes that encourage safer driving, a fleet can make significant strides towards zero motor vehicle accidents.


Roadcraft takes defensive driving to the next level and adds advanced driving skills to our fleet drivers' capability set.  We have our drivers thinking and behaving much more proactively towards road hazards and much more aware of the dangers associated with distractions.                                                                                


Matt Benson, Leader of Commercial Training, Dow AgroSciences; 2006.



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"Very engaging and relevant course. [I was] pleased to see my staff motivated.  Self motivated to carry on with program @ home, too."

D.G., manager, Dow Seeds R&D; Molokai, Hawaii - 2007


"I would recommend this training for everybody or anybody that is going to have a drivers license. Very good job on translating [into Spanish]."

P.G., Dow Seeds R&D; Molokai, Hawaii - 2007


"Very professional with nice manner.  From [the instructor] I learn a lot.  He is very thoughtful guy too. He even remember us can go back to our old habit for steering before we get familiar with and skill at new way."

B.W., Dow Seeds R&D; Molokai, Hawaii - 2007


"Training was excellent & interesting.  Hope it will improve my driving skills.  [The instructor] was very professional and utilized a positive approach.

R.A.B., Dow Seeds R&D; Puerto Rico - 2007


"I liked the course.  [The three trainers] were very helpful and amiable instructors. It was good to see all the safety commercials.

A.H., Dow Seeds R&D; Puerto Rico - 2007


I had a very rewarding time over the week's training.  I had already been a driving instructor for six years... During the training I observed that I can go to a higher level of awareness.  I can improve my my precision and technique through the system, and using running commentary has definitely sharpened my approach toward low risk driving, all of which I could not have learned without taking the training I received from ADA.  The instructor was most excellent.  His people skills are top notch.  His knowledge was thorough [and he had a] good sense of humor.  I was impressed with the instructor and the training I received, and freely recommend [the one-week "Silver" course] to anyone who wants advanced driver training.

M.M., Denver, Co - 2007


I want to thank you again for the terrific week of advanced driving instruction you provided. We all learned and unlearned a lot!  The professionalism, skill level and manner of instruction were first rate.  We also enjoyed the descriptive and at times witty commentary.  And yes, it feels good to have got the "Silver!"

MT, New York - 2007


"Excellent (2-day) course that should be 'required learning' for all."

D.T., Tetra Tech - 2007

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"This training session has been an eye-opening and fantastic event, and a foundation for years of added and increasing safety.  Mr. Wren is not only a true master of his craft & subject, he is an excellent communicator and trainer.  Thank you!"

S.S., Tetra Tech - 2008


"Very pleased with the overall course.  There were many skills taught that I had never heard of before and I will practice to incorporate in day to day driving."

T.S., Tetra Tech - 2008


"The training has been extremely informative and has shaped my feelings on driving for good.  Very good information that can help shape our attitude. Great techniques that may save my life!"

C.W., LORD Corporation - 2008


"Outstanding!  Many lessons learned.  All employees should attend for a day of this training.  Thank you!"

B.J., LORD Corporation - 2008


"This was an incredible class.  I came in dreading it and I came out with a whole new appreciation for the skills needed.  Class was very engaging and kept my somewhat short attention span focused.  I would highly recommend this course to any company or individual."

W.T., LORD Corporation - 2008


"Will take time to adjust to push/pull steering. Proved to be far more valuable than I had anticipated. [The instructor] made the course enjoyable."

B.K., Dow Agro Sciences - 2008


"Daniel did a very nice job, thorough and friendly but effective.  I learned a great deal of applicable driving skills & knowledge."

C.S., Dow Agro Sciences - 2008


"The experience was very fascinating.  Not only did we get meaningful information... but we discussed the 'how' and the 'why' for some things I've learned wrong through the years, and replaced the bad ideas with something better.

R.H., Mycogen - 2008


A very useful training/learning approach.  As we move to an expectation of zero MVA, this 'theory and field practice' and 'the System' is very effective.

J.K., Mycogen - 2008


"I think this was an excellent course that gives you a totally new perspective on driving safety both attitude and skills.  I'm going to practice what I have learned!"

B.K., Dow A R&D - 2008


"This was a fun and very useful experience.  I read the material prior to the training and tried to practice on my own but Daniel's help and instruction was invaluable.  I got a lot out of this that I will incorporate into my everyday driving."

P.P., Dow A R&D - 2008

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Much of ADA's client-work in 2009 is confidential and is therefore not listed here.



Greatly exceeded my expectations! I found the information very useful and have already begun to pass on to family members. Also, [the instructor is] an excellent and entertaining speaker which very much helps with this type of material. Very interesting course!

S.R., Agrium, pilot course - 2009


First ever driver training course.  Breaking old habits will be challenge.  Revisited concepts make sense.  Course was good mix of theoretical [and] practical issues.  Presenter has good communication style for course work.

J.G., Agrium, pilot course - 2009


This course exceeded my expectations.  It was an excellent combination of theory and practice.  The fundamentals outlined in the course will make me a safer and more aware driver. I recommend it to all Agrium employees.

D.P., Agrium, pilot course - 2009

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Classes behind the wheel were essential. Enjoyed videos. I will absolutely start incorporating this training into my every day driving. I might even live longer

M.G.B. - manager, Agrium, Denver, CO - 2010


The 3-second rule was the highlight for me because I will use it every day. Also, loved the higher sense of awareness I received from the course for something I do every day – driving!

B.K. - Agrium, Denver, CO - 2010


Very good course, made me think about how I drive and how I can change things. I was not looking forward to this but I am really glad the company offered it. Very good use of time and money spent. If you think you don’t need this course, then you are the one that needs it most!

J.D. - Agrium, Denver, CO - 2010


Enjoyed the course. Need more observation of push pull steering as this is difficult for me. More running commentary practice is needed before trying in the car for me.

M.S. - Agrium, Denver, CO - 2010


Very well presented. Excellent points and enjoyed discussions and driving.

P.M. - Agrium, Denver, CO - 2010


This course demonstrated many weaknesses in my driving – two aspects:

1. Attitude and knowledge.

2. Skill.

Both areas identified will require continued work and application.

M.M. - Agrium, Denver, CO - 2010


Found the conversations regarding blind spots to be very helpful. General rules of the road, e.g. roundabouts, very thorough and knowledgeable instructor.

R.H. - Agrium, Calgary, AB - 2010


This training makes one more aware of the finer points we too conveniently overlook in our day to day rushed lives.  Some points learned will be practiced and over all refresher training is worthwhile to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

D.S.. - Agrium, Calgary, AB - 2010


Excellent knowledge of driver safety skills and aspects. Presented very well, the material and is passionate about the subject.  Understands how to teach concepts and guide the unwilling through their miscomings with understandable and logical responses.

C.H.. - Agrium, Calgary, AB - 2010


Excellent trainer. The videos, scary examples are effective – it keeps people engaged and gets them thinking about safety right away.  Writing an exam at the end is good – it reinforces that you have learned something.  There were a number of new things I learned & better (safer) driving skills. Thank you.

K.V. - Agrium, Calgary, AB - 2010


Major learning’s. Attitude about safe driving is key. There were a few videos showing accidents illustrating red light and drowsy driving that were graphic and will cause me to maintain focus on long drives.  I recommend this course to any Agrium employees who travel regularly (i.e. project engineers & coordinators). Blind spot discussions and bad-habit corrections are key!

C.S.. - Agrium, Calgary, AB - 2010


Great course. I learned many important techniques that were new to me. The preventative attitude and training is something that was not taught to me ever before. I liked the knowledge that I can now trickle down to co-workers and loved ones at home.

K.S.. - Agrium, Calgary, AB - 2010


To extend the course an extra day would be beneficial to gain more hands-on and theory time. Otherwise course was very enlightening and practical.

W.R. - Agrium, Calgary, AB - 2010


Pros. Excellent course to change attitude on today’s defensive way to drive!

Cons – It would be nice if it’s a 3 to 5 day course to really understand [and] sink in the theory.

M.L. - Agrium, Calgary, AB - 2010


Gained particular insight from classroom training that included stats, speed, safety measures that can go wrong (i.e. airbags).  Enjoyed the in-car portion.

R.S. - Omega Health Systems, CA - 2010


The overall statistics of the U.S. -vs- other countries, the fact that a lot can be avoided.  Seat belts all around.  Good follow-up [on] Day 2, showing how you can avoid becoming a statistic.

J.O. - Omega Health Systems, CA - 2010


Good/interesting classroom material. I learned a lot. Good Job!

D.H. - manager, Agrium, IA - 2010


It’s a good refresher and will improve on some skills as needed. Some new techniques to use and adapt to. Thanks.

J.N. - Agrium, IA - 2010


Had an actual experience of a close call and was driving safe so it was easy to avoid. Learned some helpful and safe driving practice.

L.W. - Agrium, IA - 2010


I greatly enjoyed the course. One of the best things were the statistics about how many people die each day in crashes.  We also had a close call with a van over the top of a hill and this could have been a much more serious incident if we hadn’t been so well prepared. 

N.S. - Agrium, IA - 2010


Learned the different ways to navigate the curves in the road. Good information on what to look for while driving down the road. Good information on preparing the car to go.

J.P. - Agrium, IL - 2010


I actually got a lot more out of the course than I thought I would. A lot of it makes sense when you see it in use while driving.

J.F. - Agrium, IL - 2010


Gave me a lot to think about. Liked the running commentary. Gave me a chance to see what I was missing. Classroom could be shortened, but not by much. Maybe cut out how they do in other countries.

D.D. - Agrium, IL - 2010


I believe the course was beneficial to that it summarized the important things that most of us know but none of us really apply, especially the bit about following distances and vehicle positioning.  The commentary is a bit overwhelming to speak out loud, maybe good practice to run through in your own head on occasion. It was a bit frustrating to realize that I was actually a pretty poor driver compared to what I could be if I took these techniques and applied them, which I do intend to do.

K.J. - Agrium, IL - 2010


This course helped refresh and learn a lot of things such as the steering and coming around corners so you can see better. Also keeping a safe distance between cars. This course was very helpful in a lot of ways and I will definitely be using them.

J.S. - Agrium, IL - 2010


Very in-depth course. Full of very good information and updated strategies for all driving situations. Much improved upon from currently used teachings.

J.K. - Agrium, IL - 2010


Plenty of good info. Most I didn’t know or at least didn’t practiced. Was worth participating.

M.K. - Agrium, ND - 2010


I learned a tremendous amount of knowledge,. The challenge will be to implement and practice the skills I have learned.

B.M. - Agrium, ND - 2010


The training was helpful in the awareness of potential hazards. There are many items/instructions that I will take from this course and use in the future.

J.P. - Agrium, ND - 2010


Extremely informative. I will take this home to my family. Loved it. Thanks.

B.W. - Agrium, ND - 2010


Overall, I got a lot of good driving tips out of this training class. [The instructor] expressed a lot of good driving safety rule and methods which will be used and passed on to family. Good training.

M.W. - Agrium, ND - 2010


Very good issue-identification and awareness through course. Much to practice and improve. Thanks!

C.E. - New-client pilot course, IN - 2010


Liked the classroom day first as it could be addressed (issues) on the following driving day.  Did like the critique/commentary, behind-the-wheel driving on the second day.

M.C. - New-client pilot course, IN - 2010


I learned more to watch around me when driving.  This was a very good class.  I would not mind doing it again.  I learned more than I did in Drivers [Ed] training.  I am more aware of what is going on around me!

J.D. - New-client pilot course, IN - 2010


The course provided lots of information and provided actual situations for the information. Statistics made you realize the dangers and the need for constant survey and of situations.

C.H. - Agrium, NE - 2010


Training was informative and good to be reminded of better driving techniques for me as well as family. Makes you aware of your ever changing surroundings and environment.

C.C. - Agrium, NE - 2010


I felt that [the instructor] did a nice job of instructing. I learned several new things that I did not know or was taught incorrectly. The class never got boring which helped me retain information. I would recommend this for anyone.

S.B. - Agrium, NE - 2010


I thought this was a very good course. Earned a lot of information that I will try to use every day. Instructor had lots of knowledge on driver safety. This will be very useful to me and I will pass it on to my family. Thanks.

K.W. - Agrium, NE - 2010


The ideas and theories tend to almost put you in a defensive frame of mind until you see there practical application on the road. Very good course though, a good deal of useful info to pass on to my kids.

J.L. - Agrium, NE - 2010


The course was very good. Covered many things in two days. Instructor did excellent job of keeping the class focused and engaged.

R.W. - Agrium, NE - 2010


Very good driver training. Lots of common sense ideas to driving safely.

D.D. - Agrium, NE - 2010



"The training that Eddie Wren and his company has provided to Tetra Tech has been valuable for directly improving the driving skills of our workers. Our focus was to have workers with demonstrated driving issues attend Mr. Wren's courses. The results allowed us to keep drivers that we would have normally released due to poor behaviors."  

Philip Bartley, 2010.



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