Our courses are aimed at corporations with fleet or executive drivers and at bodies such as state governments.  The courses will be held in any town or city that our clients request.  We offer only the highest standards of training, in order to provide your people with an accuracy of information and proven techniques that are dramatically ahead of our competitors, and therefore the maximum level of safety as an outcome.

Regretfully, because of typically unworkable logistics, we are no longer able to offer courses for private individuals unless it is booked for a minimum of a three-day course (i.e. Bronze Advanced) for three trainees at one venue.

Courses and Durations

Defensive Driving . . . . . . . . . .Two days.     Day 1 in classroom setting, Day 2 ‘behind the wheel’. [12]

Bronze Advanced Driving . . . Three days.   Day 1 in classroom setting, Days 2 & 3 ‘behind the wheel’. [6]

Silver Advanced Driving . . . . .Five days.     Day 1 in classroom setting, Days 2-5 ‘behind the wheel’. [3]

It is strongly advised that supervisory management personnel undertake a course at least one level higher than that to be done by their direct reports or other downline personnel.


To get some insight into the standards you are guaranteed in our ADoNA courses, please view the résumé of our CEO & Chief Instructor, which we strongly invite you to compare in depth with those from any potential competitors.