The Right Way To Do It, plus the Bad Advice!

Accurate Safety Information Compared to Some Deadly Nonsense – an Index

Despite the fact that all drivers — including ‘students’ and ‘learners’ — need to be conversant with all of the topics on this page, most of which are basic, it is sadly and stunningly clear that these topics shown here dramatically outnumber and outweigh any official advice for safe driving that has ever been available in the USA.  Given the length of this index, which we will progressively populate with research-based and best-practice-based articles for the free information of anyone visiting this website, please do be fully aware that this index and all related articles are subject to our Disclaimer and Copyright.  As the preparation of all the said articles will take considerable time, we ask that you are patient with us.  The relevant hyperlinks will generally be added one-by-one, as promptly as our time permits.


Abbreviations (driving-related)

ABS – see Brakes

“Accidents” are NOT Accidents – see Crashes!

“Accidents” (Excuses for) – see Excuses for Crashes

Acronyms – see Abbreviations

Agricultural Vehicles



All-way Stops – see Intersections

Ambulances – see Emergency Vehicles

Animals on the Road

Arm Signals – see Hand and Arm Signals

Arrows painted on road – see Road Markings

Arrows on Traffic Signals – see Traffic Lights





Baby Seats – see Children in Vehicles

Bad Weather – see Weather


Bends – see Curves

Blind Spots (How many are there? It is NOT 2, 3 or 4!)

Blinding (Dazzle)

Brake Lights – see Lights

Brakes and Braking

Breakdowns – see Disabled Vehicles

Bright Sunshine – see Dazzle, and see Lights

Buggies (Horse-drawn) – see Animals

Bus Stops (also see School Buses)

Bicycle Lanes

Bicyclists and Bicycle Riding (EW q.v. Cycling)



Calmness – see Attitude

Cattle – see Animals

Cell Phones – not just ‘Hand-Held’, but importantly ‘Hands-Free’, too!

Central Islands and Refuges (also see Medians)

Changing Lanes – see Lane Changing

Chicanes – see Traffic Calming Measures

Child Locks (on car doors)

Child Pedestrians – see Pedestrians

Child Seats – see Children in Vehicles

Children in Vehicles

Children’s Motorcycles and Powered Scooters

Climbing/Crawler Lanes

Clothing (also see Reflective Clothing)



Consideration – see Attitude

Conspicuity (also see Reflective Clothing)

Construction Zones


Controls (Driving) – see Vehicle Controls (Driving)

Controls (Other) – see Vehicle Controls (Comfort)

Courtesy – see Attitude

Crash Helmets – see Helmets


Crashes (Excuses for) – see Excuses for Crashes

Crossing the Road


Crosswalks (controlled, marked/uncontrolled, unmarked)

Crosswinds – see Weather

Cruise Control – see Vehicle Controls (Driving)

Curves and Curvy Roads

Cutting a Curve (bend) – see Curves

Cutting an Intersection – see Intersections

Cycle Lanes – see Bicycle Lanes

Cyclists – see Bicyclists



Darkness – see Night Driving and also see Weather

Daytime Running Lights [DRLs] (also see Headlamps/Headlights)

Dazzle – see Blinding

Deer – see Animals

Diagonal Stripes (also see Gore)

Diesel or Oil Spillage on Road – see Road Surface

Direction Indicators – see Signals

Disabled Drivers

Disabled Vehicles

Distractions and Distracted Driving

Divided Highways – see Highways (divided)

Documents – see Driving Documents

Dogs – see Animals on the Road, and also see Pets in the Vehicle

Double Yellow Lines – see Road Markings

Driver Psychology

Drivers (also see Learning to Drive)

Driver’s Health – see Fitness to Drive

Driving – General Advice

Driving in the Boonies – see Rural Roads

Driving at Night – see Night Driving

Driving Documents

Driving in Bad Weather – see Weather

Driving Large or Long Vehicles

Drowsy Driving (also see Fitness to Drive)

Drugs & Driving

Drunk Driving – see Alcohol

Dull Day or Weather – see Weather

Dynamics – see Vehicle Dynamics



Elderly Drivers – see Older Drivers

Electric Vehicles

Emergency Brake – important – see Brakes

Emergency Telephones

Emergency Vehicles

Excuses for Crashes

Exhaust System (Dangers)

Eyesight – see Vision; also see Sunglasses (Tinted)



Farm Vehicles – see Agricultural Vehicles

Fatigue – see Drowsy Driving

Filter Arrows on Traffic Signals – see Traffic Lights

Fire (in a vehicle)

Fire Trucks – see Emergency Vehicles

First Aid

Fitness to Drive (also see Drowsy Driving)

Flashers – see Signals

Flashing the Headlamps – see Headlamps (Flashing of)

Flashing Yellow/Amber Lights at Construction Zones – see Construction Zones

Flashing Yellow/Amber Traffic Lights

Flooded Roads – see Weather

Fluorescent Clothing – see Reflective Clothing

Fog – see Weather

Fog Lamps – Front (also see Fog Lamps – Rear!)

Fog Lamps – Rear (yes, rear… have a look!)

Following Distances (important, also see Stopping Distances)

Footways – see Sidewalks

Four-ways (flashers) – see Signals

Four-way Stops – Intersections



Gore (i.e. at intersections) – see Lane Dividers


Grade Crossings – see Railroad Crossings

Gradients – see Hills

Gravel Roads – see Roads

Guard Rails (for vehicles)

Guard Rails to Protect Pedestrians – see Pedestrian Safety Barriers



Hail – see Weather

Hand & Arm Signals

Hand Brake – see Brakes

Hard Shoulder – see Shoulder

Hazard Warning Lights – see Signals

Head Restraints

Headlamps/Headlights (also see Daytime Running Lights [DRLs])

Headlamps (Flashing of) – see Headlamps/Headlights

Headway – see Following Distances

Health – see Fitness to Drive

Helmets – Bicycle

Helmets – Incidents and Injuries

Helmets – Motorcycle

High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes [HOVs]

“Highway Accidents” are NOT Accidents – see Crashes!

Highways – divided

Highways – undivided


Hills – Control of Vehicle

Hills – Parking

Hills – Slippery

Horn – see Signalling to Other Drivers & Road Users

Horse-drawn Buggies – see Animals



Ice – see Weather

Illness – see Fitness to Drive

Inexperienced Drivers – see Drivers

Injured People – see First Aid

Insecure Loads (also see Overhanging Loads)

Insurance – see Driving Documents

Islands – see Central Islands and Refuges





Junctions – see Intersections



Knolls – see Hillcrests



Lamps and Lights (also see Headlamps/Headlights)

Lane Changing

Lane Dividers

Lane Discipline – important – please read it!

Lanes and Lines

Large or Long Vehicles – see Driving Large or Long Vehicles

Lay-bys – see Pull-offs

Learning to Drive

Lights (also see Headlamps and Headlights)

Lighting Requirements

Lines (on road) – see Road Signs and Markings

Lines of Traffic – see Tailbacks

Littering from Vehicles

Loading and Unloading

Low Light – see Weather and also see Sunrise/Sunset



Maintenance of your Vehicle

Manual Transmission

Medians – important: also see Central Islands and Refuges

Medications – see Drugs & Driving

Merging – also see Zip Merging

Merging-in-Turn – see Zip Merging

Mirrors – Comprehensive… Please Read!

Mirrors – It’s “Mirror – Signal,” NOT “Signal – Mirror” despite what fools have said for 100 years!

Mirrors:   Setting a Driver’s Mirrors for Maximum Safety (2003, updated 2017)

Motorcycles and Motorcyclists

Motorcycles – Miniature

Motorcycles and Powered Scooters for Children – see Children’s Motorcycles and Powered Scooters

Moving Off – see Pulling Off

Muddy Roads – see Weather

Multiple Roundabouts – see Roundabouts



Narrow Roads – see Rural Driving

Narrow Streets – see Urban Driving

Narrow Sections of Road (deliberate) – see Chicanes

Navigation Systems – see GPS

Nervous Drivers

Night Driving



Obstructions on the Road

Oil or Diesel Spillage on Road – see Road Surface

Older Drivers

On & Off Ramps

One-Way Streets

Overdriving the Lights – see Headlamps and Headlights

Overdriving the Road – see Speed and Speeding

Overhanging Loads (also see Insecure Loads)

Oversize Vehicles (also see Slow-moving Vehicles)




Parallel Parking – see Parking

Parked Vehicles


Parking Bays (Aligning Your Car Within One) – see Parking

Parking Brake – see Brakes

Parking (Pull-through) – see Parking

Passenger Comfort – see Smooth Driving

Passengers – driving with

Passing – see Overtaking

Passing Places (on very narrow rural roads)

Patience – see Attitude

Pavement – see Road Surface (remember, they aren’t all paved!)

Pavement Markings – see Road Markings


Pedestrian Crossings – see Crosswalks

Pedestrian Safety Barriers

Pets – see Transporting Pets in your Vehicle

Pocket Motorcycles – see Motorcycles (Miniature)

Police Officers on Foot / Traffic Control

Police Stopping You from Behind

Police Vehicles – see Emergency Vehicles

Positioning Your Vehicle at Intersections

Positioning Your Vehicle for Regular Driving

Powered Wheelchairs and Disability Scooters

Protective Clothing (Motorcyclists)

Psychology (of drivers) – see Driver Psychology

Pull Offs (parking by the roadside)

Pulling Away – see Pulling Off

Pulling Off



Queues of Traffic – see Tailbacks



Railroad Crossings

Rain – see Weather

Ramps – see On & Off Ramps

Rear Fog Lamps – see Fog Lamps (Rear) – yes, rear… have a look!

Rearview Mirrors – see Mirrors

Reflective Clothing (also see Conspicuity)

Reflective Studs (on roads)

Reflectors (on bikes and vehicles) – see Lamps and Lights


“Road Accidents” are NOT Accidents – see Crashes!

Road Signs and Markings

Road Humps – see Traffic Calming Measures

Road Junctions – see Intersections

Road Surface (remember, they aren’t all paved!)

Road Works – see Construction Zones

Rotaries – see Roundabouts


>>> LINK:  The USA Continues to Get it Wrong with Roundabouts

Rural Driving

Rural Roads

Ruts – see Road Surface



Safety Barriers for Pedestrians – see Pedestrian Safety Barriers

Safety Technology in Your Vehicle

School Buses

School Crossing Patrols

School Zones

Seat Belts

Seats – Reclined (significant danger)

Self-driving Vehicles

>>> LINK:  Self-Driving Cars are Not Imminent (May 2017)

Semi-autonomous Vehicles — see Self Driving Vehicles

Senior Drivers – see Older Drivers

Separation Distance – see Following Distances

Setting Off – see Moving Off

Share the Road



Signalling to Other Drivers & Road Users (turns, lane changes, horn etc.)

Signs – see Road Signs


Slick or Slippery Roads – see ‘Road Surface’, ‘Skidding’, and ‘Weather’

Slow-moving Traffic (also see Tailbacks)

Slow-moving Vehicles (also see Oversize vehicles)

Smoke (blocking view) – see Weather

Smoking While Driving

Smooth Driving (but also see Vehicle Dynamics)

Snow – see Weather

Soft Shoulder – see Shoulder

Speed, Speed Limits and Speeding

Speed Bumps – Traffic Calming Measures

Standard (Shift) – see Manual Transmission

State Drivers Manuals (USA) — see USA State Drivers Manuals

Stick (Shift) – see Manual Transmission

Stop Signs and Lines – see Road Signs and Markings

Street Driving – see Urban Driving


Stopping Distances (important, also see Following Distances)

Student Drivers – see Learning to Drive

Studs (on road) – see Reflective Studs

Summits – see Hillcrests

Sunglasses – Tinted



Tactile Paving on Sidewalks – see Sidewalks

Tailbacks (also see Slow Moving Traffic)

Three-point Turns

Three-second Rule (and some prefer four, but read more!)

Timid Drivers – see Nervous Drivers

Tinted Windows – see Windows (Tinted)

Tiredness – see Drowsy Driving

Tiresprobably the most important & misunderstood subject of all; do read it!

Tornado – see Weather

Towing and Trailers

Town Driving – see Urban Driving

Traffic Calming Measures

Traffic Circles – see Roundabouts

Traffic Jams – see Tailbacks

Traffic Lights

Traffic Signals – see Traffic Lights

Traffic Signs – see Road Signs and Markings


Tramways / Tramlines

Transporting Pets in your Vehicle

Triangles – see Warning Triangles and Flashing Lights


Turning Left

Turning Right



Undivided Roads & Highways – see Highways (undivided)

Urban Driving

USA State Drivers Manuals

>>>  State Drivers Manuals Can Kill Your Kids (sold by the Society of Automotive Engineers for US $27)




Vehicle Condition – see Maintenance

Vehicle Dynamics (but also see Smooth Driving)

Vehicle “in balance” – see Vehicle Dynamics

Visibility and View (also see ‘Lights’, and ‘Windows’)


Vulnerable Drivers Travelling Alone

Vulnerable Road Users [VRUs] (also see Bicyclists, Motorcyclists, Pedestrians)



Warning Triangles and Flashing Lights (behind your disabled vehicle)

Weather (also see Hills – Slippery)

White Lines – see Road Markings

Wind (high) – see Weather

Winter Driving – see Weather

Wipers and Washers – see Maintenance


Words painted on road – see Road Markings



Yellow Lines – see Road Markings

Yield Signs and Lines – see Road Signs and Markings

Young Drivers – see Drivers



Zip Merging







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