CEO/Chief Instructor’s Résumé

Eddie Wren

Traffic Safety Expertise

Professional and Voluntary Positions Held


  • President & Chief Instructor – Advanced Drivers of North America, Inc. [ADoNA] (formerly Advanced Drivers of America, Inc.)
  • Executive Director of not-for-profit Road Safety USA, Inc.
  • Expert Witness (California): Maximum safety and best practices in driving techniques
  • Consultant in traffic safety, driver training issues, and the accuracy of driving techniques and driver knowledge content for state drivers’ manuals  (See: “State Drivers’ Manuals Can Kill Your Kids” in the list of Published Research and Technical Papers, below)
  • A qualified and expert photographer of traffic safety subjects.
Eddie Wren during a ‘demonstration drive’, on the outskirts of Washington D.C.


  • Overseas Director of SafeDrive Africa (Feb. 2014 – Aug. 2019)
  • Chair (Jan. 2011- Feb. 2014) of the Driver Behavior, Education and Training Committee for the International Road Federation [IRF] Road Safety Working Group, Washington D.C.
  • Executive Director of the not-for-profit Drive and Stay Alive, Inc., 2003-11. 1
  • UK police officer, primarily on highway patrol duties
  • UK police specialist in safety for young drivers and motorcyclists
  • Senior Instructor – British School of Motoring (over 4,000 training cars nationwide)
  • Managing Director of a UK advanced driver training company (by invitation)
  • Chief Training Officer for donor-organ drivers in Scotland 2

Own Driving Skills and Experience

  • UK Police Advanced Driver 3
  • UK Police Advanced Motorcyclist (achieving the second-highest marks on record) 3
  • Police response/pursuit driver on ministerial protection duties to the Deputy Prime Minister, Lord William Whitelaw
  • At various times, a police driver escort or motorcycle outrider for HM Queen Elizabeth II, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, and HRH Princess Anne

Traffic Safety and Crash Investigations Background

  • Fourteen years’ police service (during which – as the approximate a equivalent of a US “highway patrol” officer – he attended and investigated many hundreds of road crashes that ranged from minor to multiple-fatal)
  • Following his police service, Wren also became a “civil investigator” and undertook crash investigations and scene photography on behalf of lawyers and insurance companies
Photo: Wide-angle view along the side of a UK police BMW R80 motorcycle which is moving fast and banked-over, going around a roundabout.
This is not, of course, Daniel Day Lewis’s famous “left foot,” but Eddie Wren’s right foot. This shot, taken from a Cumbria Constabulary police BMW R80 motorcycle on a UK roundabout, is from a series of photographs Wren took during 1978-79 with his own camera on an especially-made bracket which he designed himself, and triggered by an electronic cable-release.  Another shot from this series of images won a national photographic trophy, which was presented to Wren at the London School of Economics.  (Copyright image.)

Published Research and Technical Papers

  • Training drivers to have the insight to avoid emergency situations, not the skills to overcome emergency situations, Vlakveld, W. & Wren, E. 2014. International Road Federation [IRF], Washington, D.C. Click here.
  • Taking a Risk Led Approach to Occupational Driver Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Improvement: Good Practice Cases from Around the World; Murray, W; Wren, E. Canadian Multidisciplinary Road Safety Conference; Saskatoon, Canada; June 2009.
  • Standards in Driver Training; Wren, E; International Conference on Road Safety at Work, Washington DC; February 2009; [event organized/sponsored by NIOSH, NSC & WHO; Wren was the only invited/selected speaker worldwide on behind-the-wheel driver training].
  • State Drivers’ Manuals Can Kill Your Kids! Wren, E; Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress, Detroit; April 2007.  [Wren received an “SAE Excellence in Oral Presentation Award” for this paper.]

Other Conferences and Public Speaking (selected events only; not a complete list)

  • Invited speaker on the need to avoid skid recovery or evasive-swerve training (because it increases post-course dangers), for the Driving Schools Association of the Americas [DSAA], Boston, Massachusetts; April 2015.
  • Invited speaker on three separate aspects of driver safety and training (co-speaking with the recently-retired chief of the Federal Highways Administration – FHWA), at the “Safer Roads by Design Across Six Continents” 10-day conference, Orlando, Florida, December 2012;
  • Invited speaker on Pedestrian Crosswalk Safety at the International Road Federation Middle-East Congress, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, December 2009;
  • Keynote speaker at the “Knowledge – Acting With Confidence” conference for the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and the Southwest Injury Prevention Network, Canada, 2008   (invited as the keynote speaker as a result of outstanding audience feedback from the “Not By Accident” conference in 2007 – see below);
  • Invited speaker: “Not By Accident – Teachable Moments” conference, Ontario Ministry of Transport, Canada, 2007;


  1. Has given several hundred training talks for corporate clients throughout North America while instructing for “Advanced Drivers of America, Inc.” 2005-present;
  2. Speaker at the New York State Association of Traffic Safety Boards’ annual conference, Binghamton NY, USA, 2004;
  3. Has given over 40 talks to high school groups in the Niagara Frontier Region of Western New York, on behalf of the not-for-profit organization “Drive and Stay Alive,” 2003-2010;
  4. Gave several hundred talks, on a full-time basis, at schools and other youth locations, as part of a highly-successful, long-term casualty-reduction program for young drivers and motorcyclists in the NW of England, 1980’s 4

Delegate Attendances (selected events only; not a complete list)

Eddie Wren, of Advanced Drivers of North America, Inc., at an international conference in road safety – part of the Decade of Action – at the United Nations, New York City,  April 2012.
  • Northeast Highway Safety Conference – Vermont, October 2019
  • Vision Zero Fleet Safety Forum – New York City, November 2018
  • ETSC “Road Safety for Employers” conference, Birmingham, UK.   May 2018.
  • United Nations General Assembly, New York City, April 2012, for the passing of the updated resolution  on global road safety (a process with which Wren has been engaged since the preliminary UN meetings in Geneva, in 2007 – see below);
  • Transport Research Board annual conference, Washington DC, 2012;
  • U.S. Sec. of Transportation’s Distracted Driving Summit, Washington DC, 2009;
  • International Conference on Road Safety at Work, Washington DC, Feb. 2009;
  • Invited observer to a United Nations General Assembly Meeting, New York, USA, for the passing of a historic resolution (A/62/L.43/Add.1) on combating “the global road safety crisis.” March 31, 2008;
  • Latin America & Caribbean Road Safety Stakeholders’ Forum, 2007;
  • Pan-American Road Safety Congress, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2007;
  • 3rd International Conf. in Driver Behaviour & Training, Dublin, Ireland, 2007;
  • Young Driver Safety Conference, BRAKE, Royal College of Surgeons, London, UK, 2007;
  • The “Police Enforcement Policies and Practices on European Roads” conference [PEPPER]; Brussels, Belgium, 2007;
  • World Youth Forum on Road Safety, Switzerland, 2007;
  • 2nd United Nations Stakeholders’ Forum on Global Road Safety; Geneva, Switzerland, 2007;
  • “Rally for Safer Roads,” Make Roads Safe; Westminster, London, UK, 2007;
  • National Safety Council Congress [NSC], San Diego CA, USA, 2006;
  • “Managing Human Factors in Driving” (a 3-day course), Cranfield University, England, 2006;
  • 1st International Conference on Distracted Driving, Toronto, Canada, 2005;
  • Transport Injuries Research Foundation [TIRF] AGMs; Toronto, Canada; 2004 & 2007;
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving [MADD], Public Policy Institute, Atlanta GA; 2004;
  • Public Forum on Driver Education and Training, National Transportation Safety Board [NTSB], Washington DC, 2003.

Experts on Film

  • Wren was filmed in May 2016 on the subject of the key features in safe driving, by the United Nations Department of Public Information Television Unit, in the making of a documentary for broadcast around the world, and he was also the only driver trainer worldwide invited by the UN to appear in the film.
  • Wren was also professionally filmed giving a “demonstration, safety drive,” with running commentary, during the making of a video for the corporate clients of Interactive Driving Systems [IDS], who work only in the psychological/attitudinal area of driver training and needed a driving expert for this project.

Other Recognitions

  • Best International Traffic Safety Website” award, from the Canadian Assoc. of Road Safety Professionals [CARSP], in respect of, of which Wren is the editor
  • By invitation from Volvo, drove their $8.5 million “Safety Concept Car” [SCC], Manhattan NY, USA; 2002
  • DSA has become the only organization in the Americas to be made a signatory of the European Road Safety Charter, in respect of the “Drive and Stay Alive” website’s global coverage (a theme now operated on Linked-In – see above)
  • Wren was awarded the recognition of “Fellow of Advanced Drivers of America” for his work in international traffic safety. This recognition was made by the previous president of ADA, prior to Wren’s own appointment to that position

Media Articles / Quotes / Mentions (selected instances only; not a complete list)

  • New York Times (multiple)
  • The Today Show (MSNBC)
  • The Economist
  • The Volvo Magazine (UK)
  • Myth Busters!
  • MSN Money
  • The Jerusalem Post
  • “Scoop” (New Zealand)
  • The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Advanced Drivers Association [RoADA]
  • The Guild of Experienced Motorists [GEM]


  1. DSA is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.
  2. In the UK, donor organs are generally transferred by road and not by air.
  3. Because of the duration of their advanced driver training (which is by far the most extensive in the world), the location of their driver training (public roads, not closed circuits or private ground) and the remarkable 82-year period over which the methodology has been continually refined (i.e. since 1935) and developed, the UK traffic patrol police (equivalent to the US “highway patrol”) are indisputably seen to be the most highly-trained safe drivers in the world.
  4. Cumbria Constabulary Motorcycle Squad, the forerunner of the UK’s national “BikeSafe” scheme