They’re No Good at Parallel Parking in Massachusetts! (humor)

A little bit of humor for the weekend but there are, of course, downsides to this.

Photograph of a pick up truck parked almost at right angles to the curb/kerb, completely blocking half the road.
There was actually plenty of space to have parked this pick-up truck properly and unloaded it, but this “abandon ship” method apparently suited the driver’s convenience better — or maybe just the Massachusetts maritime mentality! (Copyright image, 2017.)

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Backing / Reversing with a Trailer? A little bit of fun!

It is a sad fact that many drivers who have not had adequate training struggle to reverse without a trailer, let alone with one.

Indeed, many of the corporations for which we instruct experience an unduly high number of collisions when their personnel are backing or reversing a company vehicle — something we can swiftly rectify for you, while making your drivers safer all around.

Once again, however, technology is also coming to the rescue, and here’s a smile-making advertisement for one automaker’s offering:

Beware of Headless Pedestrians and Cyclists Who Can’t Reach the Handlebars!

While doing the very involved job of building a replacement website for Advanced Drivers of North America, Inc., I’ve had to give myself a break and have a couple of minutes of fun.

Beware of Headless Pedestrians & Cyclists Who Can’t Reach the Handlebars! (Copyright image.)

I took this photograph (which is unaltered) while I had a couple of my other instructors with me in Malibu, California, a couple of years ago.   (We get sent to some truly terrible places to do our work! 😀 )

Anyway, while hands-free cyclists might not be as rare as they should be (often messing with cell-phones and other gadgets), I think the headless pedestrians will — hopefully — be a less-common hazard!

Eddie Wren,  CEO & Chief Instructor