All-direction “Scramble” Crosswalks are Saving Lives in Los Angeles

In pursuit of Vision Zero, LA is introducing what California (and the USA?) is calling scramble crosswalks, at which all traffic is stopped simultaneously while pedestrians can cross the intersection in any direction, including diagonally.

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What is it with the USA and Roundabouts? Wasting Time & Money, Reinventing a Wheel!

In surprise and great dismay, I nearly spat my mouthful of coffee all over my keyboard when I read the article More traffic experiments planned in Fayetteville a few minutes ago, from the Fayetteville Flyer.

Traffic circles, of a sort, were allegedly first built by the Romans in order to expedite chariot movements at busy intersections 2,000 years ago.  Some countries still use basic traffic circles and if you are an adrenalin junky, go to Paris and try driving on the one around the Arc de Triomphe when vehicles are flowing thick and fast!  However, what today are properly called “modern roundabouts” were invented half-a-century ago in 1960s Britain.
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Interactive Road Signs can be Hugely Beneficial to Road Safety

This is one example of a clearly very useful, interactive traffic sign (from Britain) that I have encountered recently.

Not only does it warn drivers who are travelling too fast for the location but it also warns of vehicles emerging from an upcoming junction / intersection where fatal crashes have previously occurred.

Source: Clearview Intelligence