School Zone Warning Signs – Are Some Better Than Others?

Because many states choose to at least partially disregard national guidelines* designed to encourage the uniform use of traffic signs throughout the USA, different standards in some areas can increase or decrease safety. Perhaps the most concerning of these variations is found in signs which warn drivers that they are entering a school zone.

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Two Children Survive Fatal Rollover Crash Because of their Child Seats

A woman in Maine was killed when she drove off the road and her vehicle rolled over.  Two children survived the horrendous crash despite the car not being found for more than 18 hours, and their survival is being put down to them being correctly fastened in their child seats — something that is often not done properly by too many parents.

Photo of pre-installed child seats in a Tesla car.
Some well-equipped new cars come with special child seats already fitted, such as this Tesla Model S, but most do not. Getting expert help with fitting child seats is commonly both free and easy in all states. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Correctly fitting child seats is critical.  Many parents don’t do it properly but are dangerously confident that they’ve got it right.

Video report: Mom dies, car seats save Maine toddlers in rollover crash