America’s Regrettable Failures in Highway Safety!

The reason for including this contentious issue on the ADoNA website is saddening but important. America’s performance in traffic and driver safety is very poor when compared to that in most other developed nations, to the extent that if the USA could just match the lower rates of death found in the leading nations (Sweden, UK, Norway and Switzerland) between 20,000-25,000 American lives would be saved every single year and a vastly greater number of Americans would suffer less severe injuries or avoid injury altogether — yes — every single year!  At Advanced Drivers of North America, Inc., our training contains important elements to help drivers achieve these greater levels of safety so we find it necessary to mention America’s inherently poor safety levels so that you understand what we are working to achieve.  And in this context our training is entirely unique within the USA.

So how bad IS the highway safety situation in the USA right now, in 2017?  How about if we point out that — God forbid — if an evil travesty like the 2001 World Trade Center massacre were to happen in the USA every 4 weeks, those terrible events combined would still kill less Americans every year than do crashes on the nation’s roads.  The USA went to war over the dreadful World Trade Center terrorism but the public here are effectively kept in the dark about a vastly more lethal and ongoing scenario!


“In the last 25 years alone, more than one million Americans have been killed in road crashes within the USA, yet the majority of those crashes and deaths could be prevented.”  Eddie Wren,  Advanced Drivers of North America, Inc., 2017.


There are two ways of categorizing the various disciplines involved in road safety.  The older, ‘traditional’ way is known as the “Three E’s,” although it is now accepted that there are more than three:

  • Education . . . }
  • Engineering . }  the original three
  • Enforcement .}
  • Emergency (extraction at scene and evacuation to hospital)
  • Evaluation  (by independent, empirical research)

From the current, global ‘Decade of Action for Road Safety,’ however, we now have ‘Five Pillars,’ namely:

  • Road safety management
  • Infrastructure
  • Safe vehicles
  • Road user behavior
  • Post-crash care

For the purposes of this website, we will use some of the words or phrases related to both of the above lists to guide you to the aspects which we cover in these pages.  Please use ‘Categories’ or a Search (both in the right-hand side bar) to help you find more on the relevant topics.

In relation to the sad but true title of this web page — America’s Regrettable Failures in Highway Safety! — please check both “Statistics” and “Standards,” in the Categories list.




Here is the earliest article I wrote about the truly poor road safety standards in the USA, back in 2003.