America’s Regrettable Failures in Highway Safety!

Whether American visitors view this aspect of our Website with an open mind will — with respect — be down to whether you want maximum safety for yourself and your family, and possibly your employee team, too.  If you leave these page in anger or without reading them, then sadly you will not be in a position to achieve that level of safety.  Please understand that we are emphatically not being anti-American, but we ARE against the unnecessary deaths of Americans and we hope to help reduce the very excessive waste of American lives.


There are two ways of categorizing the various disciplines involved in road safety.  The older, ‘traditional’ way is known as the “Three E’s,” although it is now accepted that there are more than three:

  • Education . . . }
  • Engineering . }  the original three
  • Enforcement .}
  • Emergency (extraction at scene and evacuation to hospital)
  • Evaluation  (by independent, empirical research)

From the current, global ‘Decade of Action for Road Safety,’ however, we now have ‘Five Pillars,’ namely:

  • Road safety management
  • Infrastructure
  • Safe vehicles
  • Road user behavior
  • Post-crash care

For the purposes of this website, we will use words or phrases from both of the above lists to guide you to the aspects which we cover in these pages, so here are the links that now form our index for you (which will turn into blue hyperlinks only once there is content on the relevant pages.  Please bear with us as this website is developed; it is a major task.) –

  • Education and Driver Behavior
  • Engineering – Roads
  • Engineering – Vehicles
  • Enforcement and in relation to this topic, we will also discuss Police Driving Standards and the need for these to create a good example for the public.

Research (i.e. the ‘Evaluation‘) will be cited wherever possible.


This is the earliest article I wrote about the truly poor overall standards here in the USA, back in 2003.