ADoNA Website ‘Search’ Upgrade

Advanced Drivers of North America [ADoNA] is pleased to announce that this website has been restructured to make your searches for various topics easier.

Advanced Drivers of North America, Inc.

It may seem like only a little thing but we have now dramatically revised our ‘Categories’ under which you may search for topics that interest you.

It seemed like a good idea, initially, to have a whole array of specialized categories to assist readers with their searches but by the time we had reached 44 subjects it was clear that simply reading that list was asking too much!

None-the-less, we do have over 250 posts so far, ranging from A-to-Y (no Zs yet!), or from “advanced driving” to “young drivers,” in more tangible terms, and this does require good search facilities if you are to get the best use from them.

The new set of just six categories is visible either to the right of or below this post, depending on the device you are using to read it.

We ummed and ah’d over whether to make it seven and keep ‘Statistics’ in the list, but for now those issues have simply been incorporated in ‘Background Information.’ However, if our significant group of statistical posts are important to you, please do let us know and the category will be reinstated.

Between the consolidated Categories and the month-by-month Archives, we hope you will find navigation and the finding of topics to be easy, but please don’t forget the Search box, too. We work hard on our post tags to try to get your searches a highly appropriate result.


Please be aware that this website is registered with the United States Copyright Office and that punitive legal action for damages may be taken against anyone who breaches our copyright. This, however, does not stop you from posting links to any of our pages, and you are welcome to do so.

Author: EddieWren

Eddie Wren is the CEO and Chief Instructor at Advanced Drivers of North America. His driver safety background is given at:

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