Safe Driving Courses for People from Other Countries Working in the USA

At Advanced Drivers of North America, we specialize in courses for employees from other countries who are now working in the USA.

Photograph of a moving block / platoon of heavy traffic moving at 35-40mph.
People from other countries often envision this as typical of driving in the USA but that’s not usually the case. (Copyright image, 2018.)

Indeed, some of our instructors, over the years, are immigrants from Europe themselves and we have particular expertise in working with people from drive-on-the-left countries.

Something that has to be remembered about North America, in this context, is that it is vast, with over 4.1 million miles of road – including more than 1.2 million miles that are unpaved ‘gravel roads’ – so those people who drive widely can expect to encounter extremely varied conditions.

One of the things that confuses visitors from overseas when driving in the USA is centre, left-turn-only lanes, and these are also often misused by Americans so they are the scene of a lot of usually minor, damage-only collisions.  They are for use not only by vehicles that are turning left, off a main road but also by vehicles that are turning left from side streets onto a main road.

Center, left-turn-only lanes in the USA
The curved white arrows in between yellow lines in the middle of this road indicate left-turn-only lanes.  (Copyright image, 2018.)

We don’t by any means list on our website all of the more than 300 safety topics we cover in our courses but naturally this is something we cover in detail with potential clients.  Suffice it to state here that we have very in-depth international experience in this field and cover much detail that purely American training bodies simply would not identify as key differences.

Pedstrian crosswalk sign, USA
The number of pedestrians killed on US roads each year is frankly a travesty – currently over 6,000 – so we instruct how your employees can avoid the many dangers of harming someone (and thereby also protect you — the employers — from litigation), in line with global best practices. (Copyright image, 2012.)

Sadly, and perhaps surprisingly, the USA has for several decades been the most consistently bad performer in road in safety among all the developed nations of the world, with a fatality rate more than four times higher than that in the safest countries.

We will teach your employees how to redress the balance and make themselves dramatically safer.

For more details, please go to our Courses page, where you can use the Contact Us form to ask any questions you might have at this stage.


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