They’re No Good at Parallel Parking in Massachusetts! (humor)

A little bit of humor for the weekend but there are, of course, downsides to this.

Photograph of a pick up truck parked almost at right angles to the curb/kerb, completely blocking half the road.
There was actually plenty of space to have parked this pick-up truck properly and unloaded it, but this “abandon ship” method apparently suited the driver’s convenience better — or maybe just the Massachusetts maritime mentality! (Copyright image, 2017.)

Two safety issues, as shown in the photograph, are obviously that passing cars are being forced to go on the wrong side of a solid yellow centerline and also that the view of any pedestrians wishing to use the crosswalk — the two white lines across the road — undoubtedly have a badly blocked view.

Do we need to mention that on our ADoNA defensive and advanced driving courses, we teach corporate drivers how to not park like this? 🙂


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Author: EddieWren

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