A Child’s Critical Injuries Through Not Wearing a Cycle Helmet

This is just one fine example of the countless excellent and usually unsung tasks done by on-duty and off-duty police officers, every single day of the year.  It has been posted here with full permission from its author, Temporary Sergeant Karen Stanton, whose important goal is to highlight the crucial importance of cyclists wearing helmets.  If you are not convinced, check out the image of the boy’s head scan, below.

Karen writes:

Most of you know that I am a police officer and have been for almost 16 years. 

Well last Wednesday, 20th June, I was just a Mum, a Mum who had just finished a 10-hour shift and was on her way for a walk with her 10 year old daughter when I came across a scene of total devastation, a parent’s worst nightmare.

I was the first person to the scene of an extremely serious road traffic accident.  A 13 year old boy had been knocked off his bicycle, he landed head first and was unconscious, bleeding profusely.  I was in Mum mode but, after ensuring my daughter was safe with a wonderful lady (who also blocked the road for me), I activated Police mode.  I had to reassure 8-10 other young boys and the driver of the van (who had stopped) that the boy (Jack) was going to be ok even though I could feel a serious compressed skull fracture and feared he would die in my arms.  I updated the call taker and ask for every available unit, that this was a potentially fatal road traffic collision.

For 12 minutes I reassured Jack while his fight or flight mode kicked in, ensuring he didn’t move.  12 minutes of my daughter watching her mum try to save the life of a boy she did not know.  12 minutes and finally everyone one was there. The Police and paramedics were MY heroes that day. 

Jack was alive when I climbed back into my car with my arms covered in his blood. He was taken to hospital by helicopter. 

I asked colleagues to keep me updated.  To ring me, email me, to just update me.  I expected the worst.  I didn’t sleep all night.   I got an update the next morning, Jack was rushed to theatre for surgery — skull and spinal injuries.
Injuries that could’ve been lessened if he’d just had a helmet on.

Scan of the skull injury Jack suffered, almost certainly much worse because he had not been wearing a cycle helmet.
Scan of the skull injury, almost certainly much worse because he had not been wearing a cycle helmet.

Jack survived.  He’s alive — a little walking miracle. 

I’ve had contact with his Mum and she’s agreed that I can post this, she agrees entirely with the message I’m trying to share. 

This isn’t a criticism to any parent, it’s a reminder to us all — Helmets!

I don’t care if they’re not “cool” or that “none of my mates wear one.”

They’re our babies, our heartbeats, our world and we need to do everything we can to protect them- make them look “uncool” make them be the one out of the group that DOES wear a helmet- be that one parent that doesn’t get the call that his mum, Vicki, did last Wednesday, avoid waiting for answers while your child is in surgery not knowing if they’re going to come out of the other side. 

Photograph of Jack's visible head wounds.
Jack’s visible head wounds.

I assure you that not one of Jack’s friends thought he looked cool last Wednesday, fighting for his life by the side of the road.

I met up with Jack and his Mum today, he’s got a long, long road to recovery but he will recover, he’s a very lucky boy.

Photograph of Polce Constable Karen Stanton, with Jack -- the young man whose life she helped save after encountering a road accident in which Jack had been knocked off his bicycle while not wearing a helmet, and received life-threatening head injuries.
The off-duty police officer Karen Stanton, with Jack.

Please share this far and wide — please.  From one parent to another, make sure your child wears a helmet whenever they’re out on a bicycle, this could’ve been a completely different outcome….


To Temporary Sergeant Stanton and all other emergency services personnel and first-responders around the world who have comforted, treated or rescued injured people, or reassured or comforted the frightened or grieving loved ones of casualties, thank you!  I very clearly remember what those jobs can be like, and I take my hat off to you all.


Author: EddieWren

Eddie Wren is the CEO and Chief Instructor at Advanced Drivers of North America. His driver safety background is given at: http://www.advanceddrivers.com/ceochief-instructors-resumecvbio/

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  1. Riding a bike with no helmet makes as much sense as riding with flat tires…either way you’re not going anywhere….at least that’s what I tell my grandaughter. Since I bought it for her she realizes best not to argue😆

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