Defensive Driving Courses in Denver and Boulder, Colorado, and the Benefits

Two important things about safe, defensive or advanced driving courses from Advanced Drivers of North America are that (a) we will work anywhere in the USA and Canada, as well the islands on either side of the continent, and (b) you will always get highly-trained instructors, not — to be frank — somebody who has received only a few days of severely inadequate training, themselves.  (And yes, that really does happen.)

Photograph of the gear selector in an automatic car which also facilitates a manual shift approach.
At training locations where we can use hills (the steeper the better) ADoNA will teach your employees how to utilize the gears on either a stick shift or, as in this photo, an automatic vehicle that permits manual ‘lock-down’ into any of the lower gears. At the very least, this approach reduces hard wear and tear on your vehicles and at best it makes going down steep hills in slippery winter conditions much safer. But it has to be done correctly because doing it poorly can actually increase crash risk. (Copyright image, 2018)

All of our behind-the-wheel training, except for any brief but necessary corrections to unsafe steering technique, is done on active roads — the only place where comprehensive training can take place, and where a very wide range of random risk scenarios can be encountered to facilitate an upgrade to relevant techniques for trainees’ future use.

Denver and Boulder are cities in which we have worked many times for several major clients and they are firmly among our favorite cities at which to run courses.  This is for the simple reason that the area offers just about every conceivable type of road challenge, on which we can teach a very wide range of safety considerations and techniques.  This type of variety is most important in developing drivers with a much broader and more effective defense against bad things happening.

This blog page is, indeed, being written to you from a Boulder hotel that is our base for training courses that are taking place at present.

Just one of the important features in the maximization of safety when driving is the selection of the most advantageous lateral positioning of the vehicle at any and every point in its journey, in order to minimize potential risk from external factors.  This is a fundamental skill, usable everywhere, that is most easily and effectively taught on curvy roads.  (Hint: the “racing line” and apexing of curves so beloved of track drivers is the exact opposite of maximum safety on public roads.)

Photograph of cars on a large hairpin bend in the Rocky Mountains.
Apart from some serious hills, this part of Colorado is home to countless challenging curves that are ideal for our courses. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that your drivers never use these types of road; that’s not the point. We teach drivers an integrated **system** of safe driving — developed, refined and proven for an astonishing 83 years since 1935 — to make your people significantly safer wherever they happen to be driving, whether in your parking lots, on city streets, interstates, or the roads of John Denver’s ‘Rocky Mountain High’ways.  (Copyright photo, 2018.)

Apart from giving your personnel the best-possible driver safety training, our courses also give them a challenging, very enjoyable and effective insight into what “good driving” really involves.

Photograph of a long-term, diabolically bad section of road on a roundabout in Colorado.
Getting away from the busiest roads also allows us to get trainees to focus on the many things that, while rare, certainly can be encountered in their everyday driving. In this case, the utterly destroyed road surface at the Colorado location shown in this photograph has not only been getting worse throughout the twelve tears we’ve been instructing out of Denver and Boulder but even more astonishingly is actually on a busy roundabout!  (Copyright image, 2018.)

For further details regarding ADoNA safe / defensive / advanced driver training, please go to our Courses page and then use the Contact form on that page to ask any questions you might have.


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