Global NCAP tells Donald Trump to Make ‘America First’ in Pedestrian Protection

In response to President Donald Trump’s claim last week that a so called ‘bowling ball’ test is preventing US automobiles from entering the Japanese market, Global NCAP has written to the US President urging him to make ‘America First’ in pedestrian protection by adopting the same global standard applied by Japan…

Photo of a crash test dummy reading a mock book: Crash Testing for Dummies
Photo: Global NCAP

Commenting on President Trump’s ‘Bowling Ball’ comments David Ward, the Secretary General of Global NCAP said:
“President Trump’s comment, whether intended as a joke or not, shows no understanding of the purpose or procedure of the global pedestrian impact test. Far more worrying is that his remarks are trying to ‘weaponize’ a safety feature by treating it as an ‘unfair’ trade practice. This is against the interests of both American consumers and automobile manufacturers. The solution is for the US to apply the UN pedestrian protection regulation to help save American lives and to sell American cars in Japan and the EU”.

Read the full and important NCAP article here.

There is also a very worthwhile follow-up article from Forbes: Will Trump Make ‘America First’ In Pedestrian Safety?

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Author: EddieWren

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