Useful Websites in Relation to Speed, Speeding and Fast Driving

This Speed and Speeding page is the first of the resource pages we hope and plan to to develop for our readers’ interest, and each will simply be amended as new information comes available so please check back from time to time to see what’s been added.

The Dangers of Teen Speeding, from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute

Photograph of a Volkswagen car in the left lane on an Interstate highway, that is about to cut in front of our own vehicle far too quickly. The mass of spray thrown up will hit our windscreen in moments.
The bad driver in the white Volkswagen is already far too close behind the motorcycle, especially given the very wet road, and is now in a rush to get into the right-hand lane, ahead of us, in order to speed past the motorcycle on the wrong side. Our driver knew enough to get the wipers on full speed before our windscreen was hit by all the spray coming up from the back wheels of the VW. Copyright image.

Impact Speed and a Pedestrian’s Risk of Severe Injury or Death, from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety 

Speed, from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety [IIHS/HLDI]

Excessive Speeding (pdf), in the Road Safety Monitor from the Traffic Injury Research Foundation [TIRF]

And from our own website:

Speed… Is it Really a Major Safety Issue or Do the ‘Experts’ Exaggerate?

Belief that Speed Doesn’t Cause Crashes is Untrue & Deadly


Please be aware that Advanced Drivers of North America, Inc., [ADoNA] takes no responsibility for the accuracy of external websites or other sources and we merely post these links here for readers’ interest.  None of the contents represent any form of recommendation.

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