Defensive Driving Course for Chauffeurs in Las Vegas

Advanced Drivers of North America [ADoNA] safe driving courses for chauffeurs are designed not only to maximize the safety of these specialist drivers, for the obvious benefit of  their employers or clients, but also to significantly enhance smoothness and finesse (to an extent that always surprises and delights the chauffeurs concerned).

Photograph of traffic on Interstate 515 near Las Vegas.
There is much that can inevitably be taught about the safest, smoothest driving on busy highways. (Copyright image.)

At ADoNA, we work with corporate drivers and chauffeurs throughout the USA, Canada and related islands.

Photograph of traffic on The Strip, at Las Vegas,
Driving on The Strip, Las Vegas. (Copyright image.)

Being in Las Vegas — city of many chauffeurs — we certainly were not going to omit the world-famous “Strip” from the route!

Photograph of a tw2isty, desert road in Nevada.
Twisty, hilly roads are always a bonus for the best possible training session.  (Copyright image.)

For very specific reasons, a rural roads component is also very important to our training regime so this particular event in Las Vegas  followed the same pattern.

Photograph of two chauffeurs relaxing during an ADoNA defensive driving course in Nevada.
Alongside the Escalade training vehicle, two happy trainees who expressed surprise at the breadth and depth of the training they received. (Copyright image.)

Whether you have a large corporate fleet or a small team of chauffeurs, Contact Us to discuss your safe driving requirements.


Author: EddieWren

Eddie Wren is the CEO and Chief Instructor at Advanced Drivers of North America. His driver safety background is given at:

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