The International Cycling Safety Conference is in the USA for the First Time

Making the streets safer for cyclists and promoting cycling for all are goals of the International Cycling Safety Conference, to be held Sept. 21-22 at the University of California, Davis, Conference Center.

Photo of cyclists riding correctly on the left in Britain.
Cyclists riding correctly on the left in Britain. Copyright image.

 It is the first time that the conference has been held in the U.S. and appropriately enough, it’s coming to the nation’s premier cycling city.

The conference attendees include experts in urban planning, mechanical and civil engineering, data science, sociology and behavior….

ADoNA comment, from Eddie Wren

Whilst I have never instructed in Davis, another university city I have worked in where there were huge numbers of students commuting on bicycles is Burlington, Indiana.  It is a fact that many people who drive in different states get quite a shock when confronted by dozens or even hundreds of people on bicycles, and clearly it is incumbent on all drivers to be adequately knowledgeable and courteous, so as to always be able to deal with any number of cyclists safely.

Naturally, that courtesy and safety needs to be a two-way transaction.

Author: EddieWren

Eddie Wren is the CEO and Chief Instructor at Advanced Drivers of North America. His driver safety background is given at:

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