Advanced Driving Courses in Washington State

Over the past 12 years, Advanced Drivers of North America has carried out driver safety training throughout the Pacific North West, including six cities (each for different corporate clients) in Washington, from the Tri-Cities in the south-east of the state to Bellingham in the north-west, and of course Seattle.

An aerial view of Seattle
A wonderful view of the city of Seattle, as I flew in on August 12, 2017, and like all cities, the sort of place we can use interesting challenges and instill a much better understanding of safe driving, especially on Advanced Drivers of North America’s “Silver” and “Gold” courses.   Copyright image.

To ensure best possible service, unless we have been to the same specific location recently, ADoNA instructors try to arrive at the town or city in question an extra day early (for no additional fee) so that we can find the most challenging routes to use on the courses, for training and assessment drives, or to find additional, safety-focused challenges on our previously-established routes.  This cannot be a guaranteed part of each contract but is done whenever possible.

Photograph of a double-trailer timber wagon, heavily loaded, on a narrow, twisty section of rural road.
Most drivers take scenarios like this far too simplistically. The only way to be assured of not encountering unexpected outcomes is to always use a systematic and proven approach to one’s driving, and that is what we teach. (Copyright image.)

About ten days ago, as a result of this corporate policy which I’m very confident is unique in the USA — as is the massively-proven style of our training — I flew to Seattle on the Saturday morning and spent the rest of that day, plus the full, following day doing exactly this.

This post is to give you just a little insight into how much thought, planning and care we put into our research-based and best-practice-driven advanced and defensive driving courses.

Photograph of moderate traffic in the main street of a small town.
Naturally, we utilize a broad range of city or town challenges on all courses, and in such situations it is the frequency of the challenges to illustrate the crucial systematic approach that is the primary emphasis. Sadly, the average “experienced” driver frequently misses even seeing all of the potentially risky scenarios, let alone responding correctly, but rectifying that for our trainees is a key feature. (Copyright image.)

On ADoNA courses in certain, scenic states, we occasionally have the good fortune to enjoy some very nice “views from the office,” but that in itself is designed to put us on roads with diverse and often unexpected or unpredictable challenges.  As any trainee’s defensive and advanced driving skills are developed, the broadest possible range of scenarios are used, on all types of road, to lead to the safest possible style of driving in the longer term.

We remain the only suppliers of such in-depth and internationally-proven training courses in the USA.

Author: EddieWren

Eddie Wren is the CEO and Chief Instructor at Advanced Drivers of North America. His driver safety background is given at:

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