All-direction “Scramble” Crosswalks are Saving Lives in Los Angeles

In pursuit of Vision Zero, LA is introducing what California (and the USA?) is calling scramble crosswalks, at which all traffic is stopped simultaneously while pedestrians can cross the intersection in any direction, including diagonally.

This sensible measure has existed in other countries, particularly Japan, for a long time and they cut pedestrian casualty figures dramatically.

Read more about the new L.A. crosswalks (May 2016).

It is good to see that pedestrian safety is at long last being given more priority than drivers’ convenience.

Now, if only the USA had more mid-block crosswalks too,  the situation would improve further still and the deaths be reduced even more.

Eddie Wren, CEO & Chief Instructor – Advanced Drivers of North America

Author: EddieWren

Eddie Wren is the CEO and Chief Instructor at Advanced Drivers of North America. His driver safety background is given at:

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