USA: 10 Things Truck Drivers Do that Get them Pulled Over

Even without seeing the sub-headings, one can quickly deduce that the informative article linked below has been written by a retired highway patrol police officer.

Although you may not agree, all American drivers have a much easier time of it than do European drivers, the latter of whom can typically be stopped just because the police officer wishes to do so.  No other reason is required, although it is only right and proper that such ‘random stops’ can not be for racial or other wrongful discriminatory purposes.

Photo of a semi-tractor-trailer at night.
Semi-tractor-trailer at night.

The benefit of the European approach manifests itself in greater highway safety because of more diverse and widespread enforcement.  If this makes people ask about rights, there is a very significant difference in this respect, too.  The best way I have heard this described — by a very astute and intelligent Swedish friend who sadly is no longer with us — is that in the USA an individual’s rights are paramount, whereas in Europe (rather like a famous phrase from Star Trek) the rights of the many outweigh the rights of the few.  In other words, the rights of the public to remain safe from bad drivers are far more important than the rights of a driver not to have his/her journey interrupted in the name of safety.

You can read the original article, from Trucking Info.

Author: EddieWren

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