Arizona tells armed drivers how to avoid deadly confrontations in police stops

Following news, this week, that Michelin and the FIA have successfully created an agreement that, at long last, all state drivers’ manuals in the USA will soon carry identical and accurate advice about tire care, here is some dramatic news on a different safety topic, about the manual that is published for Arizona.

Arizona Highway patrol SUV (via KTAR)

 The new edition of the drivers’ manual advises drivers who are stopped by law enforcement officers to keep their hands on the steering wheel during a stop and tell cops right away that there’s a firearm in the car.  So far, so good; this much is common sense.

Arizona allows residents to carry weapons without permits. The state has recently changed its rule book for the road in a bid to avoid confrontations such as the one that killed Philando Castile. The Minnesota man, who had a gun permit, was fatally shot during a 2016 traffic stop after telling an officer he was armed….

There’s a full article, at PoliceOne

Author: EddieWren

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