Comparing the Evil 9/11 Attack to U.S. Road Safety is Awful but Revealing

Some people think it is wrong to make the following comparison so I will apologize now to anyone who is offended, but the ongoing situation is so pointless and so crucial to the well-being of Americans that I hope you will forgive me for doing so:

Photo of the Freedom Tower, a symbol of defiance and a great nation. (Photo by Phil Dolby / Wikicommons license)
A symbol of defiance and a great nation. (Photo by Phil Dolby / Wikicommons license)


“September 11, 2017, will be the 16th anniversary of the evil attacks on four planes, the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon, but did you know that for every single person killed on that truly awful day, over 200 people have since been killed on America’s roads?  Yes, a total of almost two-thirds of a million people slaughtered in U.S. highway crashes, plus around 40 million injured, in just 16 years.  And almost all Americans, including supposedly responsible politicians, completely ignore this hideous and  unnecessary travesty because what?”  Eddie Wren, Advanced Drivers of North America, Inc. — July 13, 2017.


Also see: Ranking Countries for Road Safety – the ‘Per Capita’ Rate, 2015  (2015 being the latest figures available as at July 2017.  Figures for 2016 should become available within weeks.)

Author: EddieWren

Eddie Wren is the CEO and Chief Instructor at Advanced Drivers of North America. His driver safety background is given at:

4 thoughts on “Comparing the Evil 9/11 Attack to U.S. Road Safety is Awful but Revealing”

  1. Eddie, road deaths across the entire globe are not taken seriously. It seems that these deaths are acceptable in society. Both Government, Enforcement and People need to realise the true cost of these types of collisions

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Graham. Unfortunately, though, it has to be said that collectively, the American road safety community always appear to downplay the comparative seriousness of the road safety situation here in the USA. In the early stages of the global recession, many, many departments busily claimed responsibility for the significant reduction in road deaths, seemingly oblivious to the repeatedly-proven historical fact that recessions do cause such reductions due to less miles being travelled by road. Unsurprisingly, none of the same departments are claiming any responsibility whatsoever for the dramatic rise in deaths over the three years of 2014-16, the biggest three-year rise for over half a century. And then, just to rub salt in the wound, national bodies such as the NTSB are still using 2014 and 2015 figures when talking about the annual number of deaths here, even though in 2016 the figure went back above 40,000 deaths per year, which frankly is a national disgrace. We all know this is a wonderful and highly-accomplished country but this is one critical area in which the U.S. performs very poorly indeed by comparison with other developed nations…. Thanks for your reply.

  2. I understand the use of numbers as a comparison, however the DELIBERATE killing of 3500 people in one day by a bunch of [terrorist] fanatics is not the same as people dying by accident, negligence or their own stupidity. The number of deaths on our highways is terrible to say the least, much of it, though, is because of poor personal choices. Me first! The people in the Towers had no such choice. Politicians can’t legislate much of anything, especially ending ignorance and selfishness.

    1. I certainly take your point, Mike. Any deliberate, despicable attack on the country, with so much horrifying loss of life, separates it from anything even closely akin to normality. None-the-less, if I can also reply as a retired police officer in which role I personally delivered far too many ‘death messages’ to loved ones, face to face, I would have to say that while anger at the person or people who cause deaths comes later, the true and absolute grief of such situations clearly is the fact that the lover person is dead, almost – dare I say it – irrespective of the cause. So yes, I agree with you that the 9-11 is and always will be in a category of its own but if we were to examine how many of the two thirds of a million people killed on America’s roads since 9-11 were killed, for example, by speeders, drunk drivers or cell-phone/texting drivers, there can be no doubt you would find a colossal amount of fury for those killers as well…… Thanks for your comment.

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