Washington State ‘Memorial Sign Program’ now Covers Many Causes of Road Deaths


The roadside Don’t Drink and Drive Memorial Sign Program… has been expanded to include other types of traffic fatalities, said Nancy McClenny-Walters with the Walla Walla County Department of Community Health and coordinator of the… County Traffic Safety Task Force.

Sample of the Washington State Memorial Signs (courtesy image)

The Task Force [has] expanded its program to include new signs that read “Please Drive Safely,” “Please Don’t Speed,” “Please Watch for Motorcycles,” “Please Watch for Bicyclists,” “Please Watch for Pedestrians” and “Seat Belts Save Lives.”

“The memorial sign program began in 1994 as a public awareness campaign to educate and make people aware of how many people were being killed in drunken driving collisions in our state. The first signs in the state were placed along Highway 12…

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It is an essential part of highway safety that the driving public are continually reminded of need for awareness and alertness on roads.

In my own opinion — for this is a subject on which I have no specific research — these signs in Washington are a good idea.

A ‘breakaway’ or slip-base for road signs, built by Traffic Safety Products, a division of Eberl Iron Works, Inc.

As with all signs, they clearly do need to be located away from any likely trajectories of vehicles that are out of control, therefore, for example, not near or beyond the outer apex of any curve.  In addition, it is important nowadays for all road signs to be on breakaway mountings so that if they are struck by a vehicle the pole snaps off at its base, thus minimizing damage to the vehicle or injury to its occupants.

A challenging intersection with not only a difficult view to the right but also a short one. I found this location that last time I was instructing in Washington State, myself, and at ADoNA we deliberately incorporate challenging features when possible, to enrich our trainees’ experience. Copyright image.

Washington State, however, has a very good reputation in road safety so I’m confident they’ll have had such details sorted out for many years. 🙂

Eddie Wren, CEO & Chief InstructorAdvanced Drivers of North America

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