The United Nations has Linked Road Safety to Human Rights

I have had the good fortune to attend several United Nations sessions on the subject of road safety, both in Geneva and New York, and I’ve found them to be both interesting and extremely worthwhile.

Mixed traffic and pedestrians in one of Cairo’s countless squares.  Image copyright, Eddie Wren.

The latest document they have issued which includes this topic is a draft resolution:

Human Rights Council

Thirty-fifth session

6–23 June 2017

Paragraph 6 on page number 3 “urges States to consider promoting, adapting and implementing road safety policies to protect persons in vulnerable situations, in particular children, youth, older persons and persons with disabilities…”

You may read the document at

I am given to understand that, importantly, this “New Urban Agenda” is the first time that the member states have produced anything linking road safety to human rights.

Author: EddieWren

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