Automatic Emergency Braking on Large Trucks

Given the number of tragic crashes that occur when truck drivers are not paying attention, and the horrifying number of people who die as a result, I think this technology should be made compulsory as quickly as possible, in all countries.

Meanwhile, if you happen to be stuck in traffic and see a large truck coming up behind you too fast, it’s time for prayers.

TIP:  This is also a good reason to be in the lane next to the shoulder in a traffic jam so that you have a potential, last-ditch escape route — it could be vastly more important than trying to save a few minutes off your journey time!

Author: EddieWren

Eddie Wren is the CEO and Chief Instructor at Advanced Drivers of North America. His driver safety background is given at:

2 thoughts on “Automatic Emergency Braking on Large Trucks”

  1. For reasons of supposedly saving fuel, far to often large trucks tailgate each other with no forward visibility or time to react to traffic ahead. This technology does help with the need to stop quickly under these situations.

    1. Very true, Bill. On a different aspect, automated trucks in the future will travel in closely-grouped ‘platoons’ and I’m curious as to how other vehicles will be expected to exit from the highway/motorway if they find themselves on the ‘wrong’ side of a large platoon as they reach the exit they want. If a driver is unaware of the size of a platoon s/he is about to pass and equally unaware that their desired exit is only, say, 2-3 miles ahead, they could get into difficulties which if handled badly could trigger a very bad situation.

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