GM exits NHTSA safety oversight and seeks new relationship

June 22, 2107


Washington — General Motors Co. is pushing federal regulators to move to a “voluntary cooperation model” for safety oversight now that its 2014 consent agreement with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration over its handling of cars with a dangerous ignition switch flaw has ended.

GM was subject to a consent order it agreed to with NHTSA in May 2014 after it was revealed the company’s flawed ignition switches that prompted the recall of 2.59 million cars that year were first found to be defective years earlier.

In May 2014, GM paid what was then a record $35 million civil penalty to NHTSA and agreed to make significant safety changes….


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Author: EddieWren

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One thought on “GM exits NHTSA safety oversight and seeks new relationship”

  1. A three year oversight by NHTSA is far too brief. Corporate culture is just not changed that quickly. I would suggest that a period of at least 10 years is required at minimum in order to allow 2 product cycles be produced.

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