A Safe Etiquette for Traffic Stops in the USA

Because so many people in America carry guns, legally or otherwise, police officers undoubtedly and understandably find it stressful to stop vehicles in order to speak to the driver.  And in turn, after news of previous bad incidents in which vehicle occupants have been shot by police officers, drivers find it very stressful to be stopped by the police.

A traffic stop by the New York State Police. Photo copyright, 2015, Eddie Wren / Advanced Drivers of [North] America, Inc.
The State of Illinois has now mandated that future student drivers  must be taught what to do if stopped by the police, and this is it:

  • Stay in your car unless you are told to get out.
  • Have your license and registration ready.
  • Roll down your windows so officers can see inside.
  • Have your hands visible, and make all passengers do the same.
  • Be polite and obey the officer’s commands.
  • If asked to step out be sure your hands are empty.

This undoubtedly is good advice for being stopped by the police anywhere in the USA.

Eddie Wren, CEO & Chief InstructorAdvanced Drivers of North America

Author: EddieWren

Eddie Wren is the CEO and Chief Instructor at Advanced Drivers of North America. His driver safety background is given at: http://www.advanceddrivers.com/ceochief-instructors-resumecvbio/

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