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Source of top information on true, research-driven advanced & defensive driving, including courses, plus best-practice highway safety articles, and a safe driving blog

Not just tips on a few aspects of safe driving — uniquely in the USA, Advanced Drivers of North America [ADoNA] covers the whole subject, using research-based facts and global best-practise driver-training techniques. (Copyright image, 2017.)
There are three main purposes for this website:

  1. To introduce you to our maximized-safety driver training courses, which are based entirely on global research and best-practices, making us a unique provider of the most reliable training in America, in which we go vastly beyond the mere dynamics of driving and cover the ‘big picture’ of a complex subject, in depth.  Check out the unmatched level of our knowledge in this critical subject.
  2. To give you a big insight into how much driving ‘advice’, ‘training’ and even ‘official policy’ is either inadequate or downright dangerous.  Astonishingly and inexcusably, this very much includes the root-source of virtually all driving advice in the USA: State Drivers Manuals.
  3. Last but not least, best-practice traffic safety is a very complicated, multi-disciplinary subject, so we will also share information that we feel can help with an overall understanding of the many challenges that face you, as a driver.
One driver; three deadly errors! We cover all manner of dangers on ADoNA courses, not just five or six, and not just the dynamics of driving (which is very inadequate for best safety).

The absolute bedrock of maximum safety in driving is to teach drivers how to keep out of danger; that is what true defensive and advanced driving are all about.  Teaching people “how to get out of a skid” or “how to do last minute swerves to avoid a collision” has been shown by four decades and dozens of research papers to result in greater crash risk after training and not less.  This may seem counter-intuitive but it is entirely accurate, so teaching these methods is dangerous and irresponsible.

As you will gather from the above, at Advanced Drivers of North America, Inc., we teach drivers how to stay out of danger in the first place, and to do this we utilize the unmatched ‘System of Car Control’ which has been developed since 1935 to become the safest methodology worldwide, bar none, and which over a period of more than ten years  we have fastidiously adapted to North American driving.

Please use the menu tabs at the very top of every page to navigate our main topics, and the list of hyper-linked ‘Archives’ and ‘Categories’ in the right-hand margin, as well as the ‘Search’ box, to browse through the many safety-related topics in our blog.

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